What is it ? It is a bunch of young , freaky and crazy minds who are ambitious towards their future, and are ever ready to create and explore new ideas and topics . !deas that include knowledge with wisdom beyond the academics. At TURNUP, we aspire to be Premier Company in IT, Branding and Multimedia services sector across the world. To achieve that end, we commit to: Intensely focus towards customers to attain their categorical requirements. Deliver economical yet efficient, competent and innovative services. Adhere to the global standards of Professionalism and conduct. Mission ‘Fulfill the needs and Exceed the expectations of the Clients’ is the mantra that we passionately follow at Turnup. To attain our objective, we will formulate proficient as well as result-oriented web, branding and digital media solutions. The strategies and solutions will be equally complemented with our outstanding, devoted and round-the-clock support services. We aspire to integrate our ingenious expertise and resources to devise unique attributes that will give customer’s brand an exclusive positioning and identity in the target market. Our approach will be focused to attain sustained visibility and success for our clients. It’s a place and platform where every deserving talent has an open platform source to exhibit, nurture and glamorize their talent , to express their creativity through their unique , simple and effective work. Turn-up belives in ‘I can’ rather than ‘IQ’.

::::::::::: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES :::::::::::

Promote raw talent Raw talent here signifies and emphasizes on the original, genuine , unique and out of the box vision of the individuals . Who stand apart by their talent and don\’t compromise with artificial coatings on the above. Encourage young minds and boost their self belief There are lots of people who are lacking opportunities and proper professional exposure with lack of guidance. So turnup provides an open source platform and acts as a resource for such young and ignited minds. Enhance abilities and potential Turnup by providing direct professional exposure to the indivuals with providing them guidance and appointing them in different teams. It will act as an paid training program as well as boost up abilities with experience. Provide customer satisfaction We strongly believe in providing customer satisfaction. We respect customer as a god and try to fulfill their requirements within the scope of the work assigned. Give more than what you get Turnup basically stands up on the principle of ‘giving more than you get’. We believe in providing customers with the products and services which are more worth than the expected , in the end leaving the customer with a good and overwhelming experience. FUNCTIONS of turnup “turnup” provides services in two respective fields :- Designing Advertising


‘ Design is the most easy way to express any idea or to make a point ‘ We provide support as well services in the respective fields: Business cards and letter cards Booklets Newspaper ads Magazine spreads Packaging Brochures Posters Billboards Cover pages Logo Content management system Websites Calendars Tshirts graphics portfolios miscellaneous


We provide the services in the following fields : ad films field and studio shooting audio and video editing short films making scripts for short films and ad films idea presentation music album theme editing photoshoots product adevrtising fashion modeling digital effects animation OPTIONS BUILT FOR YOU : BRAND IDENTITY : “ branding is the most important aspect of any company.Those who understand it’s significance usually have a thriving business “. The 3 pillars to a successful brand: STRATERGY | DESIGN |MARKETING Every company needs to have a crystal clear clarity as to what their business objectives are and how to go about achieving them Understanding your target market and how to communicate to them is the most critical aspect of your brand strategy. To help you provide a brand strategy we have designed a process called ‘ brand value clarity driver’ which helps to create a brand strategy for your business and enables you to move forward as a successful brand. DESIGN and MARKETING Design is the 2nd pillar of a successful brand. In fact these days most of the major super brands rely on design to get them ahead and be successful. Some obvious examples are apple and google.Creative designs both identity and marketing helps to deliver your brand strategy in the most effective way. A great logo design, a stunning website design, an awesome marketing brochure or social media channel. Lightning fast customer service – We are everday and consistently working on your implementation of thoughts and are always there to provide you suppost and good interaction on your querries. Hustle free process Working with us you wont have to face any tems and conditions apply , no backstabbing . everything is going to be clean and clear without any puzzling for your brain in a simple, innovative and effective manner.