Vizag Startups is a grass root initiative by the startups based out of Vizag to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and help startups connect, learn and grow together as a community. 

We aim to do this by way of 

  • Connections
  • Knowledge Sharing and
  • Supporting Each Other

As part of this work, we are creating a goto guide to be known as The Vizag Thesis consisting of a Brief, Startup Manifesto and a Playbook which can become the guiding light for the startup community here and can be used by others to improve the startup ecosystem in their cities.

The Vizag Thesis is inspired by Brad Feld’s notion on building vibrant startup communities. 

The principles are formulated in The Boulder Thesis :

  • Entrepreneurs must lead the startup community
  • The leaders must have long term commitment
  • The startup community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it
  • The startup community must have continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack

For a startup ecosystem to grow, we need to focus on all the core elements of a startup ecosystem. 

The Core Elements are

  • Startups / Entrepreneurs
  • Education / Knowledge
  • Technology / Methodology
  • Market
  • University / Colleges / Research Centers
  • Incubators / Accelerators / Tech Parks / Established Companies / Govt Support
  • Market
  • Funding Bodies / Angel Networks / Banks 
  • Legal Frame
  • Family / Society / Culture / Productivity

Vizag Startups at a Glance

  • Started in 2014
  • 150+ Meetups / 3 Hackathons / 2 B-Plan Competitions / 1400 Members attended
  • Members – FB:16k, Meetup:3k , WhatsApp Groups: 7 (220+ in each group)
  • Summer Internship Program since 2015 – 300+ Students have attended till date