DAY 17 SIPA 2022

This post is brought to you by SHALINI, a digital marketing intern and a student from ADIKAVI NANNAYYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022.

Hey guys!

Consistently today, we are into our daily schedule such as going through typing classes, watching videos from respective folders of both Web Development and Digital Marketing, etc. The Digital Marketing students are learning different aspects on the website designing process. This day, sir informed the Web Development associates to divide into teams and assigned individual work to each and every team. The team is set up into 3 members and is followed by a Team Leader.

These are the details of the teams formed with their team leaders and the tasks allotted to them.

  • TEAM NO: 1

         TEAM LEADER: Farooq

         TASK: Gift Delivery Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 2

         TEAM LEADER: Nagarjuna

         TASK: Gaming Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 3

         TEAM LEADER: Phanindra

         TASK: Agricultural Farming Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 4

         TEAM LEADER: Vasavi

         TASK: Visit Ease Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 5

         TEAM LEADER: Sreeja

         TASK: Go-Ola Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 6

         TEAM LEADER: Asha

         TASK: Sketch Enrich Web Application

  • TEAM NO: 7

         TEAM LEADER: Hashwanth

         TASK: Digital Payment Web Application

The day ended with the discussions and evolution of new teams with new tasks. This is it for today.

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