DAY 25 – SIPA 2022

This post is brought to you by Chandra Sekhar, a digital marketing intern and student from ADIKAVI NANNAYYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing a summer internship program for all – 2022 in ANDHRA UNIVERSITY. Coming to today’s work update, the Digital Marketing team usually does daily blogs and simultaneous working on their website work.

This work update is by Phanindra:

Every website had a feedback form in that way their website had a contact us form in which users can ask for their reviews and can be in contact with admins. So, they started developing this, and then had some pending work on the home page so they implemented it.

Finally, they developed a website that suits their ideas.

This update is by Nagarjuna:

They started with the main theme of the project. one member of their team gathered the data for the webpage.

Then they started designing the content for the webpage and styled the content by arranging some of the pics. They separated their projects into some sections and worked on each section. finally, they completed their frontend project.

This update is by Hahwanth:

They started their work by adding the data which is collected on the Html page and made some changes such as adding dropdowns to the required input forms and collecting information related to the login page.

This work update is by Vasavi:

They designed a web application named “Visit Ease” using HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. They also did their web application responsive using bootstrap.

Here are some of the web pages of their website – Home page, about page, and contact page.

This work update is by Sreeja:

They were done with the remaining pages of the front end

This work update is by Asha:

Our web application also provides the opportunity of selling the paintings online through sell your paintings here section. Here the artists can display their paintings and sell their paintings online.

This update is by Sathwika:

They created a login page for their website by using HTML code and some CSS styles and then they looked into the code for the remaining preparation for our website.

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