Day 7 – 10 – SIPA 2022

Day 7 of SIPA 2022 – 09/06/2022 – Update by Amuktha Sai Sreeja

Yeah, again I am back to share you the happenings of the day at SIPA 2022. Obviously again we are in a hurry to reach the work place and this summer made us to settle down in the work place for some time, and then we started our typing’s, news readings and of course writing the news too. We started to see some of the videos and yeah we got bored and we started to build (continue to build actually) our classless CSS framework, Alok sir interacted with the students in order to check if there are any doubts in building the framework and few of the folks discussed with sir and built a really beautiful kind of frameworks.

Following the doubts session, our favorite part of the day lunch break is back and with a chilly mood we enjoyed the lunch and we also saw the beauty of the workplace. We came back to the work environment as early as possible and started concentrating on our frameworks.

Everyone is so involved that everyone had forgot to take pics for this blog post and atleast they remembered and took pics.

That’s all about today.

Amuktha Sai sreeja

Day 8 of SIPA 2022 – 10/06/2022 

This update is brought to you by Akankshini, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for AII-2022 in Andhra University.

Woah! Today is a very interesting day, as we are ready to continue our CSS classless framework task. We started our daily routine to get ready for the college. We reached our workstation by 10AM. We practiced typing & reading the Hacker news for 15 minutes each. We started doing our task (as I already mentioned above). After sometime, some of the interns were completed the task & waited for the sir to show their work.

We were hungry & the time reached to 1:00PM, we took a lunch break and started eating which continued to some funny convo. We returned to our work and started doing it. After some time, the remaining interns also completed their tasks. As we have completed our task, we took a break & went to bring our Flipkart order. Meanwhile Alok sir entered the college & called us to return to work, we took permission from sir to bring our order. After that we returned to the class & shown the tasks that sir has given us. Sir appreciated the work done by us. He told some changes to few of the folks and cleared our doubts.

We requested Alok Sir to grant a holiday as tomorrow is a 2nd Saturday & as a result Sir accepted it and then we took a beautiful selfie’s & pictures and returned to our stay.

Day 10 of SIPA 2022 – 14/06/2022 – Update by Gurugula Sai Rishitha

Yep!! We successfully entered the 10th day of SIPA-2022. As usual we reached the workplace by 9:30 am with full of energy and enthusiasm. The day began with the typing practice for 15 min followed by Hacker News. Hacker News is the way to explore the scenarios around the Digital world. We started our boot camp by 10 am with the Web Development folder. And the Digital Marketing folks completed common folder.


Web Development folder helps us to gain more knowledge regarding the tools and languages of web development. From the web development folder we are able to create a simple web page using HTML and CSS.

Digital Marketing team learnt the tools and applications required for Marketing and The Free Resources available online.

From Afternoon, we started working on the task assigned by Alok Sir. We have installed XAMPP server and Ngrok app. XAMPP server is a free and open source cross platform web server developed by Apache Friends used for local hosting. Ngrok is a cross-platform application that exposes local server ports to the Internet. And the task is to develop an application wireframe using web app. We have gone through Justinmind. We folks discussed about the app and started working on it.

At the end of the day we packed our bags and started to our rooms.


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