DAY 27-31 SIPA 2022


This post is brought to you by Anuhya Evangeline, a digital marketing student from ADIKAVI NANNAYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing a summer internship program for all-2022 in ANDHRA UNIVERSITY. We the Digital marketing team working on website work and simultaneously does daily blogs.

This is the work update from Day 27- Day 31, Web Development team started their backend process for the task given.

This work update is by Asha:

First we have started the XAMPP local server using XAMPP control. Now we opened the browser and opened localhist/phpmyadmin/ and created a database naming sketch _enrich. We have created a login table with email,password,username as attributes. We have connected the database and our html files using php code. We have created some functions like showpassword(). Finally login page is successful.

This work date is by Farooq:

this is the backend code for the login and signup created using php and then we created a table in phpmyadmin and the data inserted is coming directly into the table which we created.

This work update is by Phanindra:

As we developed agricultural website and the next step is about creating backend work . As we faced much difficulty with backend but our sir helped us a lot in learning it and we learned how to connect a html file to database with PHP.

Firstly, we seen about basics of PHP and then we inserted data into sql using xampp server and then we appled connection of that data to our login and signup page.

This is how the week went by.

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