Day 1 – SIPA – 2022

This post is brought to you by Amuktha Sai Sreeja, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022.

Yeah! Our internship program kick started today with a fresh energy to learn and explore something new. We “the Interns” reached the working space at 9:30 AM in a great hurry from our stay.  Folks were ready for the bootcamp as mentioned in our schedule of first week. The content provided is fascinating. With an enthusiasm interns began to go through the content. We ourselves explored new things out of it and prepared notes. These are the common videos provided to us

  1. Finding a Web Developer job with no Experience
  2. Tips on learning on how to code
  3. Must know web development tech
  4. Setup Linux ubuntu for web development
  5. Chrome Extensions for Web developers & Web Designers
  6. Emmet for faster HTML & CSS workflow

           Bootcamp content started with the basic and a little motivational kind of video “Finding A Web Developer Job with No Experience“. This made us “the students” to actually know how to evolve in the web development job and what kind of sources we need or how we should form or build our own network and how important these basics are.

           We also learned tips for coding and we explored different web technologies that are available for web development. We also learned to install different applications required for web development in ubuntu (linux) using certain commands and also different extensions in the chrome.

          While going through the content Alok sir interacted with us and we had little question and answer session following it we were eager to have lunch and that was a bit cheerful session for the folks as we were having little fun among ourselves.

           Following the lunch break we again came back to the work space and were involved in their work of learning. We interacted among ourselves and discussed the content in a clearer way. Meanwhile in breaks taken in between folks explored the work place too. With energy levels being down and working time coming to an end we all returned back to the stay.



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