DAY 12-SIPA 2022

  This post is brought to you by Likitha, a digital marketing intern and student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022. Here are the updates of day 12 of our internship now let’s peek into it! Habitually, we hurried from our hostels packed all the things necessary, and reached the workplace. We started our usual tasks. We practiced typing classes and following the hacker news on common for the digital marketing and web development teams. Then we, the team of the digital marketing had done the Twitter browsing for the first half an hour and explored tweets.

Later, the mid-afternoon showed up and our stomachs were with hunger pangs. We had our lunch and then we were immersed in our work.

This is work update is by Nagarjuna –

Today they started with creating the login page and languages selecting page to my wireframe for music using just in mind. I successfully designed the login page and language page and then later they started designing the home page and also verified many applications and websites for designing a home page for music.

This update is by Farooq –

He created a website for all the batches. We added the details of all the 3 batches of interns. All the 3 batches of interns are from AdiKavi Nannaya university. A total of 28 members are doing internships offered by the Vizag startups under the mentor “Alok sir”.

This work update is from Vasavi

As shown here today Vasavi and her friends have tried designing a mobile version named “guess verse” the song application by using the justinmind wireframe.



This work update is from Vasu –

As shown above today they have learned to use Figma wireframe and tried designing a desktop version for the guess the song application.

as for the web development task “music app” the process is delayed and designing is still going on. And for the digital marketing interns, we have already started gathering data and began working on the article “internship at a glance.”

finally, we concluded our day with photos and we went back to our hostels.

—- This blog is from Likitha from the digital marketing team.

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