DAY 26 SIPA 2022

This post is brought to you by SHALINI, a digital marketing intern and a student from ADIKAVI NANNAYYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022.

Incessantly, we are into our day-to-day agenda. The Digital Marketing team were busy with their blogs, videos and websites. The Web Development folks are well-prepared for their presentation. The team leaders presented the work they had done on the projects given. The fellow mates gave in a hand to the presentation. They described about the frontend and backend applications that are involved in their tasks.

This is the show as follows –

Farooq from Team 1 explained about their task “Gift Delivery Web Application” in brief. He explained about the frontend work that they used in developing the application.

Nagarjuna from Team 2 explained about their task “Gaming Web Application”.

Phanindra from Team 3 explained about their task “Agricultural Farming Web Application”.

Vasavi from Team 4 explained about their task “Visit Ease Web Application”.

Sreeja from Team 5 explained about their task “Go-Ola Web Application”.

Asha from Team 6 explained about their task “Sketch Enrich Web Application”.

Karthik from Team 7 explained about their task “Digital Payment Web Application”.

Preethi from Team 8 explained about their task “Online Petcare Web Application”. This is a good idea of application where the pets can be taken care of in online.

The display went so simple and effortless. All the members gave their best in their own way. Alok sir was impressed by the work exhibited by them. He encouraged the Web Development team members to further look into their pending backend problem tasks and helped them to move forward with ease. The day ended with all the members weary faces following the presentation. We all headed to our respective hostels.

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