Day 11 – SIPA 2022

This post is brought you by Shalini, a digital marketing intern and student from ADIKAVI NANNAYYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing a summer internship program for all – 2022 in ANDHRA UNIVERSITY.

Today we started from the hostel a bit late. By the time we arrived, Alok Sir is checking the status of the tasks that he assigned to the fellow members who are from Web development course. We engaged in our works as we entered the workplace. A few minutes later, Sir approached our Digital Marketing Team and explained the list of tasks that we need to perform in coming days as we just completed the common folder and started watching the videos of Digital Marketing unlike others.

He asked us to be active in typing classes, hacker news and twitter browsing in the first session of our arrival to the workplace. He interacted with us on various aspects of Marketing, Blog Writing, Article Designing, etc. Everyday the blog status is shared sequentially by all the interns but from today, the blogs will be written by the Digital Marketing students.

So yeah! the tasks are going on like this from Web Development side of different batches.

This work update is from Ms. Sathwika

  • Today they installed Justinmind application and started designing webpages for the music app.

Screen 1 : They gathered the pictures from internet and pasted in the screen

For the text they have used the font style “Bernard MT condensed” and “Old English Text MT”

Screen 2 : They gathered the pictures from internet and pasted in the screen

For the text they have used the font style “Lucida Calligraphy”

Tools : Button

This status is from Ms. Sreeja

  • As shown below today they have learnt using figma wireframe and tried designing to a desktop version for guess the song application and also started to build website for it.

This work is from Ms. Asha

  • This is the part of the task given by Alok sir. Sir gave them the task of creating a wireframe based on the game “GUESS A SONG”. In this game, starting five seconds of the song will be played and we must guess the song before the time ends. They have given the name of the app as SONG SURFER. In this game we can select particular language and particular category and start playing this game.

The Web Development members are very excited to submit their task as the deadline is tomorrow and we are too excited to blog their reactions and outputs. Let’s wait and see …So with a lot of work done and more to be done, we headed to our hostels.

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