Day 3 – SIPA – 2022

This post is brought to you by Farooq, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All-2022 in Andhra University.

WOW! That’s a great day. As the day is so colorful because of Saturday, but the interns were melted like ice under the sun for 30 mins due to the place was locked. As the workplace was opened, we rushed into seminar hall and taken our seats. Like daily, we started our work with hacker news articles and made a note about it. Then we started again our common videos and listening towards it. The strength was less today in girls. Nearly 6 girls were absent because of water issue in their hostel, they were waited till afternoon for the water, but there is no drop of water in hostel. So they made decision to change the hostel and they moved to nearby hostel at A.U. Outgate.

Then at nearly 11:00am our mentor “ALOK SIR” came to seminar hall and interacted with us. And he interacted individually with everyone and he discussed about our tasks till now what we interns are done. Then sir individually given some tasks to create in classless framework. After that he raised some questions about our previous tasks. And at last we got our lunch break around at 12:30pm. We all sat at one place and we have our lunch by cracking some jokes on us. After lunch we discussed about Saturday fun activity.

At last we finalised our fun activity. The volunteers (Sreeja and Kasi Rao) will play 5 sec of music and we have to guess the song name. The name of the game is “GUESS THE SONG NAME”.

The interns are divided into two groups and we started the game at 3:00pm. And our fun was started with great and the both boys and girls participated energetically. The boys was leading in the game first. We had a lot of fun in between guessing the songs. Some boys made the day hilarious.

By the end the scores was equal and the game ended as TIE breaker. Then all the interns packed their things and left the work place with a smile. Like this the day3 has ended. 

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