Day 6 – SIPA – 2022

This post is brought to you by Divya, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022.

Our day begins with a lazy mood… We all hurry up from our hostels and its nearly 10’o clock that we reached the work place, we are a little late and it’s a Girl Thing!

We started with typing practice for few minutes and prepared the article by reading the hacker news. All folks got engaged in learning with the videos.

In the meanwhile, our mentor, Alok sir, interacted with every batch regarding the given task and we got clarified our doubts by our mentor.

Unknowingly, it’s 12 noon!

Our stomachs filled with disgruntled hostel food.

It’s a sudden visit with our faculty member, Rahul Paul sir at our work place. We had a little chit-chat with him regarding the internship and about the city.

Again, we continued our works by learning -Ultimate Free Tools and Resources For Entrepreneur; Resource To Make Passive Income As A Freelance Graphic Designer, Resources Where You Can Sell Your Service Make A Living and some folks engaged in completing their given tasks. We also created our GitHub accounts.

How fast it went! We left the workplace at 5pm in the evening with a hurry to eat pani-puri outside.

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