DAY 15 SIPA 2022

This post is brought to you by SHALINI, a student from ADIKAVI NANNAYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All – 2022.

 Today, we started our usual tasks. We practiced typing classes following the hacker news on common for both the Digital Marketing and Web Development teams.

We, the team of the Digital Marketing had done the Twitter browsing for the first half an hour and explored. Coming to today’s work update

This work update is by Divya Jyothi –

She created the music game app by using ‘Just In Mind’, which displays with the starting page like this. It displays with an animated gif showing the name GTS which means ‘Guess the Song’ and with a start button that navigates the event to the next page. It takes you to the login page where it shows options for the user to log in or to sign up using their Phone number or Google account and signed up with mail that generates the OTP. If you didn’t remember your old password, you can move with the ‘forgot password’ option, and that navigates to the next page. Next page displays like this, where you can select your preferred language for the song.

This work update is by Asha :

Today they have gone through the videos of the web dev folder and completed the CSS topic as they have already submitted their work.

After the end of the session, we went to our respective hostels.

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