DAY 23 – SIPA 2022

This post is brought to you by Chandra Sekhar , a digital marketing intern and student from ADIKAVI NANNAYYA UNIVERSITY who is undergoing a summer internship program for all – 2022 in ANDHRA UNIVERSITY. Coming to today’s work update, the Digital Marketing team usually does daily blogs and simultaneous working on their website work.

And the web development team work updates are as follows:

This update is by phanindra:

They started front-end development work by searching for the information they needed. He started implementing the development view.

Their main motto is to identify different types of soils and the crops that are suitable for a particular soil and then implement them.

This work update is by Nagarjuna:

They started Designing a login page and sign-up page for their project. They used some form tags in Html in designing a login form. They used some gradient colors in styling the login and sign-in pages. For the whole day, they designed a login form and some navigation bar for the project.

This update is by Asha:

Today we have worked on our web application home page. The home page includes the carousel which shows the sliding images. Beneath that, they have included three containers that depict the three main parts of our web application. They are Painting tips, they give tips for painting to the users. The second container is Colour Palette, which gives various color combination ideas. The third container is Painting Tutorials, which gives the painting videos step-by-step for easy learning.

They are displaying the paintings which are painted by artists. This is included in the Art Gallery section of our web application.

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