Day 5 – SIPA – 2022

This post is brought to you by Karthik, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All-2022 in Andhra University.

Today is as usually a fine day like every day. Likewise today it became late to class. So wondering why its late today? The reason is one of my friend who said that my other friend is gone with a fight with auto driver where they are coming from different location, I am shocked and ran to settle the fight. But after reaching there my friend said “PRAAANNNNK…..!”. Yeah that’s it I got pranked by my friend. After this I ran to class fast as it became late due to this mess.
So I wondered that “ALOK SIR “ would scold us for being late. But he didn’t say anything, we went to our seats calmly. After that we watched the course videos of web development that are sent by Sir and noted down the topic on notepad. After that Sir made friendly interaction with us . And after he gave individual tasks to everyone to create classless framework. And it’s due date is by Saturday. So its lunch break at 12:30 PM. Sir also went for lunch. We gathered at one place and had our lunch and making chitchat with our friends.


After lunch break, we get back to the work at 2:00pm and we redirected to the course and started the Ultimate Free Tools And Resources For Entrepreneur playlist. The playlist contains

  • The first video contains the introduction part of the course.
  • The second video contains free tools that help you to generate business names with available domain name.
  • It contains free tools to create animated gifs.
  • It contains 7 free alternative to photoshop videos.
  • It contains free tools to create web or marketing graphics.
  • It contains 4 resources to make passive income as a freelancer or graphic designer.
  • It contains resource where you can sell your service make a living.
  • It contains resource to find royalty free stock images for your blog or website.
  • It contains 8 cheap paid traffic source for affiliate marketing.

Before watching the videos, I was scared about the playlist but not even wasting single minute I completed the playlist by the end of the session…

So, the day is getting to finish, the time is about 5:00 PM. I and my friends packed up our bags. We had a walk through Andhra University very calm and slow enjoyed the climate, relaxed our minds and went back to our hostels. So ,likewise the day is finished.

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