Day 4 – SIPA – 2022

This post is brought to you by Asha, a student from Adikavi Nannaya University who is undergoing Summer Internship Program for All-2022 in Andhra University.

Yes!!! The day 4 of SIPA 2022 has started as usual but the heavy rain caused a little disturbance. There was power cut from the morning and we were so sleepy due to the rain. Because of the heavy rain, Alok sir gave us permission to reach the work place after the rain stops. Although it’s raining we all managed to reach the work place by 10:30AM.

After reaching the work place, we all practiced typing for 15 minutes and then we have gone through the hacker news and prepared the summary for it. Today the remaining 3 members of batch-2 has come for this internship training who were from Digital Marketing. Those 3 members started learning common folder and we all continued our bootcamp course and completed the Ultimate folder by lunch time.

The Ultimate folder provides the tools and resources for brand name, animated gifs, recording a screen, alternate tools for photoshop, tools for web marketing or graphics and so on. We used some of these tools practically such as,,

After the lunch break, we roamed in the campus for refreshment as we are feeling drowsy. Again we redirected to the course and started the Automation folder which provides the hacks for entrepreneurs lighting round.

  1. The first video consists of Inspiration for automation.
  2. The second video consists of Social Media growth and engage.
  3. The third video consists of hacks for finding customers, Facebook targeting and customer referral program.
  4. The fourth video consists of personal productivity.
  5. The fifth video consists of the tools used in automation.
  6. The sixth video consists of bonus hacks.

Finally we sent the status report of the day to Alok sir and packed our bags.

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